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8th Academy Awards


8 Mutiny On the Bounty

8 The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

6 The Informer

5 Top Hat

4 Les Miserables

3 Gold Diggers of 1935

3 The Dark Angel

3 David Copperfield

3 A Midsummer Night's Dream

3 Broadway Melody of 1936

2 King of Burlesque

2 Captain Blood

2 Alice Adams

2 Naughty Marietta

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4 The Informer

2 The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

2 A Midsummer Night's Dream

Alice Adams - Pandro S. Berman
Broadway Melody of 1936 - John W. Considine Jr.
Captain Blood - Harry Brown, Gordon Hollingshead, Hal Wallis
David Copperfield - David O. Selznick
Informer, The - Cliff Reid
Les Miserables - Darryl F. Zanuck
Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The - Louis D. Lighton
Midsummer Night's Dream, A - Henry Blanke
Naughty Marietta - Hunt Stromberg
Ruggles of Red Gap - Arthur Hornblow Jr.
Top Hat - Pandro S. Berman
WinMutiny On the Bounty - Albert Lewin, Irving G. Thalberg
Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The - Henry Hathaway
Mutiny On the Bounty - Frank Lloyd
WinInformer, The - John Ford
Assistant Director
David Copperfield - Joseph Newman
Les Miserables - Eric Stacey
WinLives of a Bengal Lancer, The - Clem Beauchamp
WinLives of a Bengal Lancer, The - Paul Wing
Dance Direction
All the King's Horses - LeRoy Prinz
Big Broadcast of 1936, The - LeRoy Prinz
Broadway Hostess - Bobby Connolly
Go Into Your Dance - Bobby Connolly
Gold Diggers of 1935 - Busby Berkeley
Gold Diggers of 1935 - Busby Berkeley
King of Burlesque - Sammy Lee
King of Burlesque - Sammy Lee
She - B. Zemach
Top Hat - Hermes Pan
Top Hat - Hermes Pan
WinBroadway Melody of 1936 - Dave Gould
WinFolies Bergère - Dave Gould
Alice Adams - Katharine Hepburn
Becky Sharp - Miriam Hopkins
Dark Angel, The - Merle Oberon
Escape Me Never - Elisabeth Bergner
Private Worlds - Claudette Colbert
WinDangerous - Bette Davis
Mutiny On the Bounty - Clark Gable
Mutiny On the Bounty - Charles Laughton
Mutiny On the Bounty - Franchot Tone
WinInformer, The - Victor McLaglen
Writing (Original Story)
Broadway Melody of 1936 - Moss Hart
Gay Deception, The - Stephen Avery, Don Hartman
WinScoundrel, The - Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur
Writing (Screenplay)
Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The - Achmed Abdullah, John L. Balderston, Grover Jones, William Slavens McNutt, Waldemar Young
Mutiny On the Bounty - Jules Furthman, Talbot Jennings, Carey Wilson
WinInformer, The - Dudley Nichols
Barbary Coast - Ray June
Crusades, The - Victor Milner
Les Miserables - Gregg Toland
WinMidsummer Night's Dream, A - Hal Mohr
Film Editing
David Copperfield - Robert J. Kern
Informer, The - George Hively
Les Miserables - Barbara McLean
Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The - Ellsworth Hoagland
Mutiny On the Bounty - Margaret Booth
WinMidsummer Night's Dream, A - Ralph Dawson
Interior Decoration
Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The - Roland Anderson, Hans Dreier
Top Hat - Carroll Clark, Van Nest Polglase
WinDark Angel, The - Richard Day
Sound Recording
Bride of Frankenstein - Gilbert Kurland
Captain Blood - Nathan Levinson
Dark Angel, The - , Thomas T. Moulton
I Dream Too Much - Carl Dreher
Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The - Franklin Hansen
Love Me Forever - John Livadary
One Thousand Dollars a Minute -
Thanks a Million - E.H. Hansen
WinNaughty Marietta - Douglas Shearer
Music (Score)
Mutiny On the Bounty - Nat W. Finston, Herbert Stothart
Peter Ibbetson - Irvin Talbot, Ernst Toch
WinInformer, The - Max Steiner
Music (Song)
Roberta - Dorothy Fields, Jerome Kern, Jimmy McHugh
Top Hat - Irving Berlin
WinGold Diggers of 1935 - Al Dubin, Harry Warren
Short Subjects (Comedy)
Oh, My Nerves -
Tit For Tat - , Hal Roach
WinHow To Sleep -
Short Subjects (Novelty)
Audioscopiks -
Camera Thrills -
WinWings Over Mt. Everest -
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
Calico Dragon, The -
Who Killed Cock Robin? -
WinThree Orphan Kittens -
Studios with most noms
MGM 20
RKO Radio 17
Paramount 15
United Artists 12
Warner Bros. 11

Studios with most wins
RKO Radio 4
Warner Bros. 4
Paramount 3
United Artists 3