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11th Academy Awards


7 You Can't Take It With You

6 Alexander's Ragtime Band

5 Merrily We Live

5 Jezebel

5 Boys Town

5 Four Daughters

4 If I Were King

4 Algiers

4 Mad About Music

4 Marie Antoinette

4 Pygmalion

4 The Adventures of Robin Hood

4 The Citadel

3 The Cowboy and the Lady

3 The Great Waltz

3 The Young In Heart

3 Suez

3 Angels With Dirty Faces

3 Army Girl

3 Carefree

3 Test Pilot

2 That Certain Age

2 Sweethearts

2 Blockade

2 Vivacious Lady

2 The Goldwyn Follies

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3 The Adventures of Robin Hood

2 You Can't Take It With You

2 Boys Town

2 Jezebel

Adventures of Robin Hood, The - Henry Blanke, Hal Wallis
Alexander's Ragtime Band - Harry Brown, Darryl F. Zanuck
Boys Town - John W. Considine Jr.
Citadel, The - Victor Saville
Four Daughters - Henry Blanke, Hal Wallis
Grand Illusion - Albert Pinkovitch, Frank Rollmer
Jezebel - Henry Blanke, Hal Wallis
Pygmalion - Gabriel Pascal
Test Pilot - Louis D. Lighton
WinYou Can't Take It With You - Frank Capra
Angels With Dirty Faces - Michael Curtiz
Boys Town - Norman Taurog
Citadel, The - King Vidor
Four Daughters - Michael Curtiz
WinYou Can't Take It With You - Frank Capra
Marie Antoinette - Norma Shearer
Pygmalion - Wendy Hiller
Three Comrades - Margaret Sullavan
White Banners - Fay Bainter
WinJezebel - Bette Davis
Algiers - Charles Boyer
Angels With Dirty Faces - James Cagney
Citadel, The - Robert Donat
Pygmalion - Leslie Howard
WinBoys Town - Spencer Tracy
Supporting Actress
Great Waltz, The - Miliza Korjus
Merrily We Live - Billie Burke
Of Human Hearts - Beulah Bondi
You Can't Take It With You - Spring Byington
WinJezebel - Fay Bainter
Supporting Actor
Algiers - Gene Lockhart
Four Daughters - John Garfield
If I Were King - Basil Rathbone
Marie Antoinette - Robert Morley
WinKentucky - Walter Brennan
Writing (Original Story)
Alexander's Ragtime Band - Irving Berlin
Angels With Dirty Faces - Rowland Brown
Blockade - John Howard Lawson
Mad About Music - Marcella Burke, Frederick Kohner
Test Pilot - Frank Wead
WinBoys Town - Eleanore Griffin, Dore Schary
Writing (Screenplay)
Boys Town - John Meehan, Dore Schary
Citadel, The - Ian Dalrymple, Elizabeth Hill, Frank Wead
Four Daughters - Lenore Coffee, Julius J. Epstein
You Can't Take It With You - Robert Riskin
WinPygmalion - Ian Dalrymple, Cecil Lewis, W.P. Lipscomb, George Bernard Shaw
Algiers - James Wong Howe
Army Girl - Ernest Miller, Harry Wild
Buccaneer, The - Victor Milner
Jezebel - Ernest Haller
Mad About Music - Joseph Valentine
Merrily We Live - Norbert Brodine
Suez - J. Peverell Marley
Vivacious Lady - Robert de Grasse
You Can't Take It With You - Joseph Walker
Young In Heart, The - Leon Shamroy
WinGreat Waltz, The - Joseph Ruttenberg
Film Editing
Alexander's Ragtime Band - Barbara McLean
Great Waltz, The - Tom Held
Test Pilot - Tom Held
You Can't Take It With You - Gene Havlick
WinAdventures of Robin Hood, The - Ralph Dawson
Interior Decoration
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The - Lyle Wheeler
Alexander's Ragtime Band - Bernard Herzbrun, Boris Leven
Algiers - Alexander Toluboff
Carefree - Van Nest Polglase
Goldwyn Follies, The - Richard Day
Holiday - Lionel Banks, Stephen Goosson
If I Were King - Hans Dreier, John B. Goodman
Mad About Music - Jack Otterson
Marie Antoinette - Cedric Gibbons
Merrily We Live - Charles D. Hall
WinAdventures of Robin Hood, The - Carl J. Weyl
Sound Recording
Army Girl - Charles Lootens
Four Daughters - Nathan Levinson
If I Were King - Loren L. Ryder
Merrily We Live - Elmer Raguse
Suez - E.H. Hansen
Sweethearts - Douglas Shearer
That Certain Age - Bernard B. Brown
Vivacious Lady - James Wilkinson
You Can't Take It With You - John Livadary
WinCowboy and the Lady, The - Thomas T. Moulton
Music (Original Score)
Army Girl - Victor Young
Blockade - Werner Janssen
Block-Heads - Marvin Hatley
Breaking the Ice - Victor Young
Cowboy and the Lady, The - Alfred Newman
If I Were King - Richard Hageman
Marie Antoinette - Herbert Stothart
Pacific Liner - Russell Bennett
Suez - Louis Silvers
Young In Heart, The - Franz Waxman
WinAdventures of Robin Hood, The - Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Music (Score)
Carefree - Victor Baravalle
Girls School - Morris Stoloff, Gregory Stone
Goldwyn Follies, The - Alfred Newman
Jezebel - Max Steiner
Mad About Music - Charles Previn, Frank Skinner
Storm Over Bengal - Cy Feuer
Sweethearts - Herbert Stothart
There Goes My Heart - Marvin Hatley
Tropic Holiday - Boris Morros
Young In Heart, The - Franz Waxman
WinAlexander's Ragtime Band - Alfred Newman
Music (Song)
Alexander's Ragtime Band - Irving Berlin
Carefree - Irving Berlin
Cowboy and the Lady, The - Lionel Newman, Arthur Quenzer
Going Places - Johnny Mercer, Harry Warren
Lady Objects, The - Oscar Hammerstein II, Ben Oakland
Mannequin - Chet Forrest, Edward Ward, Bob Wright
Merrily We Live - Phil Craig, Arthur Quenzer
That Certain Age - Harold Adamson, Jimmy McHugh
Under Western Stars - Johnny Marvin
WinBig Broadcast of 1938, The - Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin
Short Subjects (One-Reel)
Great Heart, The -
Timber Toppers -
WinThat Mothers Might Live -
Short Subjects (Two-Reel)
Swingtime In the Movies -
They're Always Caught -
WinDeclaration of Independence -
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
Brave Little Tailor - Walt Disney
Good Scouts - Walt Disney
Hunky and Spunky -
Mother Goose Goes Hollywood - Walt Disney
WinFerdinand the Bull - Walt Disney
Studios with most noms
MGM 36
Warner Bros. 21
United Artists 17
20th Century Fox 11
RKO Radio 11

Studios with most wins
Warner Bros. 6
20th Century Fox 2
Columbia 2
Paramount 1