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12th Academy Awards


13 Gone With the Wind

11 Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

8 Wuthering Heights

7 Stagecoach

7 Goodbye, Mr. Chips

6 The Rains Came

6 The Wizard of Oz

6 Love Affair

5 Private Lives of Elizabeth and...

4 Ninotchka

4 Of Mice and Men

3 Man of Conquest

3 The Great Victor Herbert

3 First Love

3 Dark Victory

2 Drums Along the Mohawk

2 Babes In Arms

2 Beau Geste

2 Gulliver's Travels

2 Intermezzo

2 Juarez

2 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

2 Only Angels Have Wings

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8 Gone With the Wind

2 Stagecoach

2 The Wizard of Oz

Dark Victory - David Lewis
Goodbye, Mr. Chips - Victor Saville
Love Affair - Leo McCarey
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - Frank Capra
Ninotchka - Sidney Franklin
Of Mice and Men - Lewis Milestone
Stagecoach - Walter Wanger
Wizard of Oz, The - Mervyn LeRoy
Wuthering Heights - Samuel Goldwyn
WinGone With the Wind - David O. Selznick
Goodbye, Mr. Chips - Sam Wood
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - Frank Capra
Stagecoach - John Ford
Wuthering Heights - William Wyler
WinGone With the Wind - Victor Fleming
Dark Victory - Bette Davis
Goodbye, Mr. Chips - Greer Garson
Love Affair - Irene Dunne
Ninotchka - Greta Garbo
WinGone With the Wind - Vivien Leigh
Babes In Arms - Micky Rooney
Gone With the Wind - Clark Gable
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - James Stewart
Wuthering Heights - Laurence Olivier
WinGoodbye, Mr. Chips - Robert Donat
Supporting Actress
Drums Along the Mohawk - Edna May Oliver
Gone With the Wind - Olivia de Havilland
Love Affair - Maria Ouspenskaya
Wuthering Heights - Geraldine Fitzgerald
WinGone With the Wind - Hattie McDaniel
Supporting Actor
Beau Geste - Brian Donlevy
Juarez - Brian Aherne
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - Harry Carey
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - Claude Rains
WinStagecoach - Thomas Mitchell
Writing (Original Story)
Bachelor Mother - Felix Jackson
Love Affair - Mildred Cram, Leo McCarey
Ninotchka - Melchior Lengyel
Young Mr. Lincoln - Lamar Trotti
WinMr. Smith Goes To Washington - Lewis R. Foster
Writing (Screenplay)
Goodbye, Mr. Chips - Eric Maschwitz, R.C. Sherriff, Claudine West
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - Sidney Buchman
Ninotchka - Charles Brackett, Walter Reisch, Billy Wilder
Wuthering Heights - Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur
WinGone With the Wind - Sidney Howard
Cinematography (Black & White)
First Love - Joseph Valentine
Great Victor Herbert, The - Victor Milner
Gunga Din - Joseph August
Intermezzo - Gregg Toland
Juarez - Tony Gaudio
Lady of the Tropics - Norbert Brodine
Only Angels Have Wings - Joseph Walker
Rains Came, The - Arthur Miller
Stagecoach - Bert Glennon
WinWuthering Heights - Gregg Toland
Cinematography (Color)
Drums Along the Mohawk - Bert Glennon, Ray Rennahan
Four Feathers, The - Osmond Borradaile, Georges Périnal
Mikado, The - William V. Skall
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The - W. Howard Greene, Sol Polito
Wizard of Oz, The - Harold Rosson
WinGone With the Wind - Ernest Haller, Ray Rennahan
Film Editing
Goodbye, Mr. Chips - Charles Frend
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - Al Clark, Gene Havlick
Rains Came, The - Barbara McLean
Stagecoach - Otho Lovering, Dorothy Spencer
WinGone With the Wind - Hal C. Kern, James E. Newcom
Interior Decoration
Beau Geste - Hans Dreier, Robert Odell
Captain Fury - Charles D. Hall
First Love - Martin Obzina, Jack Otterson
Love Affair - Al Herman, Van Nest Polglase
Man of Conquest - John Victor Mackay
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - Lionel Banks
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The - Anton Grot
Rains Came, The - William Darling, George Dudley
Stagecoach - Alexander Toluboff
Wizard of Oz, The - Cedric Gibbons, William A. Horning
Wuthering Heights - James Basevi
WinGone With the Wind - Lyle Wheeler
Sound Recording
Balalaika - Douglas Shearer
Gone With the Wind - Thomas T. Moulton
Goodbye, Mr. Chips - A. W. Watkins
Great Victor Herbert, The - Loren L. Ryder
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The - John Aalberg
Man of Conquest - Charles Lootens
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - John Livadary
Of Mice and Men - Elmer Raguse
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The - Nathan Levinson
Rains Came, The - E.H. Hansen
WinWhen Tomorrow Comes - Bernard B. Brown
Special Effects
Gone With the Wind - Fred Albin, John R. Cosgrove, Arthur Johns
Only Angels Have Wings - Roy Davidson, Edwin C. Hahn
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The - Byron Haskin, Nathan Levinson
Topper Takes a Trip - Roy Seawright
Union Pacific - Farciot Edouart, Gordon Jennings, Loren L. Ryder
Wizard of Oz, The - A. Arnold Gillespie, Douglas Shearer
WinRains Came, The - E.H. Hansen, Fred Sersen
Music (Original Score)
Dark Victory - Max Steiner
Eternally Yours - Werner Janssen
Golden Boy - Victor Young
Gone With the Wind - Max Steiner
Gulliver's Travels - Victor Young
Man In the Iron Mask, The - Lud Gluskin, Lucien Moraweck
Man of Conquest - Victor Young
Nurse Edith Cavell - Anthony Collins
Of Mice and Men - Aaron Copland
Rains Came, The - Alfred Newman
Wuthering Heights - Alfred Newman
WinWizard of Oz, The - Herbert Stothart
Music (Score)
Babes In Arms - Roger Edens, Georgie Stoll
First Love - Charles Previn
Great Victor Herbert, The - Phil Boutelje, Arthur Lange
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The - Alfred Newman
Intermezzo - Louis Forbes
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - Dimitri Tiomkin
Of Mice and Men - Aaron Copland
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The - Erich Wolfgang Korngold
She Married a Cop - Cy Feuer
Swanee River - Louis Silvers
They Shall Have Music - Alfred Newman
Way Down South - Victor Young
WinStagecoach - Richard Hageman, W. Franke Harling, John Leipold, Leo Shuken
Music (Song)
Gulliver's Travels - Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin
Love Affair - Buddy De Sylva
Second Fiddle - Irving Berlin
WinWizard of Oz, The - Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg
Short Subjects (One-Reel)
Information Please -
Prophet Without Honor -
Sword Fishing -
WinBusy Little Bears -
Short Subjects (Two-Reel)
Drunk Driving -
Five Times Five -
WinSons of Liberty -
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
Detouring America -
Peace On Earth -
Pointer, The - Walt Disney
WinUgly Duckling, The - Walt Disney
Studios with most noms
MGM 41
United Artists 23
RKO Radio 16
Columbia 14
Warner Bros. 13

Studios with most wins
MGM 11
United Artists 3
20th Century Fox 1
Columbia 1
Paramount 1