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13th Academy Awards


11 Rebecca

7 The Letter

7 The Grapes of Wrath

6 The Long Voyage Home

6 The Philadelphia Story

6 Our Town

6 Foreign Correspondent

5 North West Mounted Police

5 Kitty Foyle

5 The Great Dictator

4 The Sea Hawk

4 The Thief of Bagdad

4 Spring Parade

4 Arise, My Love

3 My Favorite Wife

3 Strike Up the Band

3 The Westerner

3 Down Argentine Way

3 All This, and Heaven Too

2 Abe Lincoln In Illinois

2 Hit Parade of 1941

2 Arizona

2 Bitter Sweet

2 Boom Town

2 Dark Command

2 One Million B.C.

2 Pinocchio

2 Second Chorus

2 The Howards of Virginia

2 Waterloo Bridge

2 The Blue Bird

2 The Boys From Syracuse

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3 The Thief of Bagdad

2 Pinocchio

2 Rebecca

2 The Grapes of Wrath

2 The Philadelphia Story

All This, and Heaven Too - David Lewis, Hal Wallis, Jack L. Warner
Foreign Correspondent - Walter Wanger
Grapes of Wrath, The - Nunnally Johnson, Darryl F. Zanuck
Great Dictator, The - Charles Chaplin
Kitty Foyle - David Hempstead
Letter, The - Hal Wallis
Long Voyage Home, The - John Ford
Our Town - Sol Lesser
Philadelphia Story, The - Joseph L. Mankiewicz
WinRebecca - David O. Selznick
Kitty Foyle - Sam Wood
Letter, The - William Wyler
Philadelphia Story, The - George Cukor
Rebecca - Alfred Hitchcock
WinGrapes of Wrath, The - John Ford
Letter, The - Bette Davis
Our Town - Martha Scott
Philadelphia Story, The - Katharine Hepburn
Rebecca - Joan Fontaine
WinKitty Foyle - Ginger Rogers
Abe Lincoln In Illinois - Raymond Massey
Grapes of Wrath, The - Henry Fonda
Great Dictator, The - Charles Chaplin
Rebecca - Laurence Olivier
WinPhiladelphia Story, The - James Stewart
Supporting Actress
All This, and Heaven Too - Barbara O'Neil
Philadelphia Story, The - Ruth Hussey
Primrose Path, The - Marjorie Rambeau
Rebecca - Judith Anderson
WinGrapes of Wrath, The - Jane Darwell
Supporting Actor
Foreign Correspondent - Albert Basserman
Great Dictator, The - Jack Oakie
Letter, The - James Stephenson
They Knew What They Wanted - William Gargan
WinWesterner, The - Walter Brennan
Writing (Original Story)
Comrade X - Walter Reisch
Edison, the Man - Hugo Butler, Dore Schary
My Favorite Wife - Leo McCarey, Bella Spewack, Samuel Spewack
Westerner, The - Stuart N. Lake
WinArise, My Love - Benjamin Glazer, John S. Toldy
Writing (Original Screenplay)
Angels Over Broadway - Ben Hecht
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet - Norman Burnside, Heinz Herald, John Huston
Foreign Correspondent - Charles Bennett, Joan Harrison
Great Dictator, The - Charles Chaplin
WinGreat McGinty, The - Preston Sturges
Writing (Screenplay)
Grapes of Wrath, The - Nunnally Johnson
Kitty Foyle - Dalton Trumbo
Long Voyage Home, The - Dudley Nichols
Rebecca - Joan Harrison, Robert E. Sherwood
WinPhiladelphia Story, The - Donald Ogden Stewart
Cinematography (Black & White)
Abe Lincoln In Illinois - James Wong Howe
All This, and Heaven Too - Ernest Haller
Arise, My Love - Charles B. Lang
Boom Town - Harold Rosson
Foreign Correspondent - Rudolph Maté
Letter, The - Tony Gaudio
Long Voyage Home, The - Gregg Toland
Spring Parade - Joseph Valentine
Waterloo Bridge - Joseph Ruttenberg
WinRebecca - George Barnes
Cinematography (Color)
Bitter Sweet - Allen Davey, Oliver T. Marsh
Blue Bird, The - Arthur Miller, Ray Rennahan
Down Argentine Way - Ray Rennahan, Leon Shamroy
North West Mounted Police - W. Howard Greene, Victor Milner
Northwest Passage (Book I - Rogers' Rangers) - William V. Skall, Sidney Wagner
WinThief of Bagdad, The - Georges Périnal
Film Editing
Grapes of Wrath, The - Robert E. Simpson
Letter, The - Warren Low
Long Voyage Home, The - Sherman Todd
Rebecca - Hal C. Kern
WinNorth West Mounted Police - Anne Bauchens
Interior Decoration (Black & White)
Arise, My Love - Hans Dreier, Robert Usher
Arizona - Lionel Banks, Robert Peterson
Boys From Syracuse, The - Jack Otterson
Dark Command - John Victor Mackay
Foreign Correspondent - Alexander Golitzen
Lillian Russell - Richard Day, Joseph C. Wright
My Favorite Wife - Mark-Lee Kirk, Van Nest Polglase
My Son, My Son - John DuCasse Schulze
Our Town - Lewis J. Rachmil
Rebecca - Lyle Wheeler
Sea Hawk, The - Anton Grot
Westerner, The - James Basevi
WinPride and Prejudice - Cedric Gibbons, Paul Groesse
Interior Decoration (Color)
Bitter Sweet - John S. Detlie, Cedric Gibbons
Down Argentine Way - Richard Day, Joseph C. Wright
North West Mounted Police - Roland Anderson, Hans Dreier
WinThief of Bagdad, The - Vincent Korda
Sound Recording
Behind the News - Charles Lootens
Captain Caution - Elmer Raguse
Grapes of Wrath, The - E.H. Hansen
Howards of Virginia, The - Jack Whitney
Kitty Foyle - John Aalberg
North West Mounted Police - Loren L. Ryder
Our Town - Thomas T. Moulton
Sea Hawk, The - Nathan Levinson
Spring Parade - Bernard B. Brown
Too Many Husbands - John Livadary
WinStrike Up the Band - Douglas Shearer
Special Effects
Blue Bird, The - E.H. Hansen, Fred Sersen
Boom Town - A. Arnold Gillespie, Douglas Shearer
Boys From Syracuse, The - Bernard B. Brown, John Fulton, Joseph Lapis
Dr. Cyclops - Farciot Edouart, Gordon Jennings
Foreign Correspondent - Paul Eagler, Thomas T. Moulton
Invisible Man Returns, The - Bernard B. Brown, John Fulton, William Hedgecock
Long Voyage Home, The - Ray Binger, R.T. Layton, Thomas T. Moulton
One Million B.C. - Elmer Raguse, Roy Seawright
Rebecca - Jack Cosgrove, Arthur Johns
Sea Hawk, The - Byron Haskin, Nathan Levinson
Swiss Family Robinson - John Aalberg, Vernon L. Walker
Typhoon - Farciot Edouart, Gordon Jennings, Loren L. Ryder
Women In War - William Bradford, Howard J. Lydecker, Herbert Norsch, Ellis J. Thackery
WinThief of Bagdad, The - Lawrence Butler, Jack Whitney
Music (Original Score)
Arizona - Victor Young
Dark Command - Victor Young
Fight For Life, The - Louis Gruenberg
Great Dictator, The - Meredith Willson
House of the Seven Gables, The - Frank Skinner
Howards of Virginia, The - Richard Hageman
Letter, The - Max Steiner
Long Voyage Home, The - Richard Hageman
Mark of Zorro, The - Alfred Newman
My Favorite Wife - Roy Webb
North West Mounted Police - Victor Young
One Million B.C. - Werner Heymann
Our Town - Aaron Copland
Rebecca - Franz Waxman
Thief of Bagdad, The - Miklos Rozsa
Waterloo Bridge - Herbert Stothart
WinPinocchio - Leigh Harline, Paul J. Smith, Ned Washington
Music (Score)
Arise, My Love - Victor Young
Hit Parade of 1941 - Cy Feuer
Irene - Anthony Collins
Our Town - Aaron Copland
Sea Hawk, The - Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Second Chorus - Artie Shaw
Spring Parade - Charles Previn
Strike Up the Band - Roger Edens, Georgie Stoll
WinTin Pan Alley - Alfred Newman
Music (Song)
Down Argentine Way - Mack Gordon, Harry Warren
Hit Parade of 1941 - Walter Bullock, Jule Styne
Music In My Heart - Chet Forrest, Bob Wright
Rhythm On the River - Johnny Burke, James Monaco
Second Chorus - Johnny Mercer, Artie Shaw
Spring Parade - Gus Kahn, Robert Stolz
Strike Up the Band - Roger Edens, Georgie Stoll
You'll Find Out - Jimmy McHugh, Johnny Mercer
WinPinocchio - Leigh Harline, Ned Washington
Short Subjects (One-Reel)
London Can Take It -
More About Nostradamus -
Siege -
WinQuicker 'N a Wink - Pete Smith
Short Subjects (Two-Reel)
Eyes of the Navy -
Service With the Colors -
WinTeddy, the Rough Rider -
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
Puss Gets the Boot -
Wild Hare, A - Leon Schlesinger
WinMilky Way -
Studios with most noms
United Artists 45
MGM 24
Warner Bros. 19
RKO Radio 18
20th Century Fox 15

Studios with most wins
United Artists 6
20th Century Fox 3
Paramount 3
RKO Radio 3