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17th Academy Awards


10 Going My Way

10 Wilson

9 Since You Went Away

7 Double Indemnity

7 Gaslight

5 Cover Girl

5 Laura

4 Kismet

4 None But the Lonely Heart

4 Meet Me In St. Louis

3 The Adventures of Mark Twain

3 Lady In the Dark

3 Lifeboat

3 Hollywood Canteen

3 Brazil

3 Casanova Brown

2 A Voice In the Wind

2 Address Unknown

2 Dragon Seed

2 It Happened Tomorrow

2 Higher and Higher

2 Lady Let's Dance

2 The Princess and the Pirate

2 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

2 Up In Arms

2 Minstrel Man

2 Mr. Skeffington

2 Mrs. Parkington

2 Song of the Open Road

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7 Going My Way

5 Wilson

2 Gaslight

Double Indemnity - Joseph Sistrom
Gaslight - Arthur Hornblow Jr.
Since You Went Away - David O. Selznick
Wilson - Darryl F. Zanuck
WinGoing My Way - Leo McCarey
Double Indemnity - Billy Wilder
Laura - Otto Preminger
Lifeboat - Alfred Hitchcock
Wilson - Henry King
WinGoing My Way - Leo McCarey
Double Indemnity - Barbara Stanwyck
Mr. Skeffington - Bette Davis
Mrs. Parkington - Greer Garson
Since You Went Away - Claudette Colbert
WinGaslight - Ingrid Bergman
Gaslight - Charles Boyer
Going My Way - Barry Fitzgerald
None But the Lonely Heart - Cary Grant
Wilson - Alexander Knox
WinGoing My Way - Bing Crosby
Supporting Actress
Dragon Seed - Aline MacMahon
Gaslight - Angela Lansbury
Mrs. Parkington - Agnes Moorehead
Since You Went Away - Jennifer Jones
WinNone But the Lonely Heart - Ethel Barrymore
Supporting Actor
Laura - Clifton Webb
Mr. Skeffington - Claude Rains
Seventh Cross, The - Hume Cronyn
Since You Went Away - Monty Woolley
WinGoing My Way - Barry Fitzgerald
Writing (Original Story)
Guy Named Joe, A - David Boehm, Chandler Sprague
Lifeboat - John Steinbeck
None Shall Escape - Alfred Neumann, Joseph Than
Sullivans, The - Edward Doherty, Jules Schermer
WinGoing My Way - Leo McCarey
Writing (Original Screenplay)
Hail the Conquering Hero - Preston Sturges
Miracle of Morgan's Creek, The - Preston Sturges
Two Girls and a Sailor - Richard Connell, Gladys Lehman
Wing and a Prayer - Jerome Cady
WinWilson - Lamar Trotti
Writing (Screenplay)
Double Indemnity - Raymond Chandler, Billy Wilder
Gaslight - Walter Reisch, John Van Druten
Laura - Jay Dratler, Samuel Hoffenstein, Betty Reinhardt
Meet Me In St. Louis - Irving Brecher, Fred F. Finkelhoffe
WinGoing My Way - Frank Butler, Frank Cavett
Cinematography (Black & White)
Double Indemnity - John F. Seitz
Dragon Seed - Sidney Wagner
Gaslight - Joseph Ruttenberg
Going My Way - Lionel Lindon
Lifeboat - Glen MacWilliams
Since You Went Away - Stanley Cortez, Lee Garmes
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo - Harold Rosson, Robert Surtees
Uninvited, The - Charles B. Lang
White Cliffs of Dover, The - George J. Folsey
WinLaura - Joseph Lashelle
Cinematography (Color)
Cover Girl - Allen Davey, Rudolph Maté
Home In Indiana - Edward Cronjager
Kismet - Charles Rosher
Lady In the Dark - Ray Rennahan
Meet Me In St. Louis - George J. Folsey
WinWilson - Leon Shamroy
Film Editing
Going My Way - Leroy Stone
Janie - Owen Marks
None But the Lonely Heart - Roland Gross
Since You Went Away - Hal C. Kern, James E. Newcom
WinWilson - Barbara McLean
Interior Decoration (Black & White)
Address Unknown - Lionel Banks, Walter Holscher, Joseph Kish
Adventures of Mark Twain, The - John Hughes, Fred MacLean
Casanova Brown - Perry Ferguson, Julia Heron
Laura - Leland Fuller, Thomas Little, Lyle Wheeler
No Time For Love - Sam Comer, Hans Dreier, Robert Usher
Since You Went Away - Victor A. Gangelin, Mark-Lee Kirk
Step Lively - Claude Carpenter, Carroll Clark, Albert S. D'Agostino, Darrell Silvera
WinGaslight - William Ferrari, Cedric Gibbons, Paul Huldschinsky, Edwin B. Willis
Interior Decoration (Color)
Climax, The - Russell A. Gausman, Alexander Golitzen, John B. Goodman, Ira S. Webb
Cover Girl - Fay Babcock, Lionel Banks, Cary Odell
Desert Song, The - Jack McConaghy, Charles Novi
Kismet - Daniel B. Cathcart, Cedric Gibbons, Richard A. Pefferle, Edwin B. Willis
Lady In the Dark - Hans Dreier, Raoul Pene du Bois, Ray Moyer
Princess and the Pirate, The - Howard Bristol, Ernst Fegte
WinWilson - Wiard Ihnen, Thomas Little
Sound Recording
Brazil - Daniel J. Bloomberg
Casanova Brown - , Thomas T. Moulton
Cover Girl - John Livadary
Double Indemnity - Loren L. Ryder
His Butler's Sister - Bernard B. Brown
Hollywood Canteen - Nathan Levinson
It Happened Tomorrow - , Jack Whitney
Kismet - Douglas Shearer
Music In Manhattan - Stephen Dunn
Voice In the Wind, A - , W.M. Dalgleish
WinWilson - E.H. Hansen
Special Effects
Adventures of Mark Twain, The - John Crouse, Paul Detlefsen, Nathan Levinson
Days of Glory - Roy Granville, James G. Stewart, Vernon L. Walker
Secret Command - David Allen, Ray Cory, Harry Kusnick, Russell Malmgren, Robert Wright
Since You Went Away - John R. Cosgrove, Arthur Johns
Story of Dr. Wassell, The - George Dutton, Farciot Edouart, Gordon Jennings
Wilson - Roger Heman, Fred Sersen
WinThirty Seconds Over Tokyo - A. Arnold Gillespie, Donald Jahraus, Warren Newcombe, Douglas Shearer
Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture)
Address Unknown - Morris Stoloff, Ernst Toch
Adventures of Mark Twain, The - Max Steiner
Bridge of San Luis Rey, The - Dimitri Tiomkin
Casanova Brown - Arthur Lange
Christmas Holiday - Hans J. Salter
Double Indemnity - Miklos Rozsa
Fighting Seabees, The - Walter Scharf, Roy Webb
Hairy Ape, The - Michel Michelet, Edward Paul
It Happened Tomorrow - Robert Stolz
Jack London - Frederic E. Rich
Kismet - Herbert Stothart
None But the Lonely Heart - C. Bakaleinikoff, Hanns Eisler
Princess and the Pirate, The - David Rose
Summer Storm - Karl Hajos
Three Russian Girls - W. Franke Harling
Up In Mabel's Room - Edward Paul
Voice In the Wind, A - Michel Michelet
Wilson - Alfred Newman
Woman of the Town, The - Miklos Rozsa
WinSince You Went Away - Max Steiner
Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture)
Brazil - Walter Scharf
Higher and Higher - C. Bakaleinikoff
Hollywood Canteen - Ray Heindorf
Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Alfred Newman
Knickerbocker Holiday - Werner Heymann, Kurt Weill
Lady In the Dark - Robert Emmett Dolan
Lady Let's Dance - Edward J. Kay
Meet Me In St. Louis - Georgie Stoll
Merry Monahans, The - Hans J. Salter
Minstrel Man - Leo Erdody, Ferde Grofé
Sensations of 1945 - Mahlon Merrick
Song of the Open Road - Charles Previn
Up In Arms - Louis Forbes, Ray Heindorf
WinCover Girl - Carmen Dragon, Morris Stoloff
Music (Song)
Brazil - Ary Barroso, Ned Washington
Cover Girl - Ira Gershwin, Jerome Kern
Follow the Boys - Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne
Higher and Higher - Harold Adamson, Jimmy McHugh
Hollywood Canteen - M.K. Jerome, Ted Koehler
Lady Let's Dance - Charles Newman, Lew Pollack
Meet Me In St. Louis - Ralph Blane, Hugh Martin
Minstrel Man - Harry Revel, Paul Francis Webster
Song of the Open Road - Kim Gannon, Walter Kent
Sweet and Lowdown - Mack Gordon, James Monaco
Up In Arms - Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler
WinGoing My Way - Johnny Burke, James Van Heusen
Short Subjects (One-Reel)
50th Anniversary of Motion Pictures - Ralph Staub
Blue Grass Gentlemen - Edmund Reek
Jammin' the Blues - Gordon Hollingshead
Movie Pests - Pete Smith
WinWho's Who In Animal Land - Jerry Fairbanks
Short Subjects (Two-Reel)
Bombalera - Louis Harris
Main Street Today - Jerry Bresler
WinI Won't Play - Gordon Hollingshead
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street - George Pal
Dog, Cat and Canary, The -
Fish Fry - Walter Lantz
How To Play Football - Walt Disney
My Boy, Johnny - Paul Terry
Swooner Crooner -
WinMouse Trouble - Frederick Quimby
Documentary (Short Subjects)
Arturo Toscanini -
New Americans -
WinWith the Marines At Tarawa -
Documentary (Features)
Resisting Enemy Interrogation -
WinFighting Lady, The -
Studios with most noms
MGM 28
Paramount 28
20th Century Fox 26
United Artists 24
RKO Radio 18

Studios with most wins
Paramount 8
20th Century Fox 7
Columbia 1
RKO Radio 1