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18th Academy Awards


8 The Bells of St. Mary's

7 The Lost Weekend

6 A Song To Remember

6 Spellbound

6 Mildred Pierce

5 National Velvet

5 Anchors Aweigh

4 Leave Her To Heaven

4 Love Letters

4 The Keys of the Kingdom

4 The Story of G.I. Joe

4 Wonder Man

3 The Picture of Dorian Gray

3 The Southerner

3 Objective, Burma!

2 Rhapsody In Blue

2 San Antonio

2 State Fair

2 The Corn Is Green

2 A Thousand and One Nights

2 A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

2 Belle of the Yukon

2 Can't Help Singing

2 Flame of Barbary Coast

2 A Medal For Benny

2 The Three Caballeros

2 The Valley of Decision

2 They Were Expendable

2 Tonight and Every Night

2 Why Girls Leave Home

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4 The Lost Weekend

2 National Velvet

Anchors Aweigh - Joseph Pasternak
Bells of St. Mary's, The - Leo McCarey
Mildred Pierce - Jerry Wald
Spellbound - David O. Selznick
WinLost Weekend, The - Charles Brackett
Bells of St. Mary's, The - Leo McCarey
National Velvet - Clarence Brown
Southerner, The - Jean Renoir
Spellbound - Alfred Hitchcock
WinLost Weekend, The - Billy Wilder
Bells of St. Mary's, The - Ingrid Bergman
Leave Her To Heaven - Gene Tierney
Love Letters - Jennifer Jones
Valley of Decision, The - Greer Garson
WinMildred Pierce - Joan Crawford
Anchors Aweigh - Gene Kelly
Bells of St. Mary's, The - Bing Crosby
Keys of the Kingdom, The - Gregory Peck
Song To Remember, A - Cornel Wilde
WinLost Weekend, The - Ray Milland
Supporting Actress
Corn Is Green, The - Joan Lorring
Mildred Pierce - Eve Arden
Mildred Pierce - Ann Blyth
Picture of Dorian Gray, The - Angela Lansbury
WinNational Velvet - Anne Revere
Supporting Actor
Corn Is Green, The - John Dall
Medal For Benny, A - J. Carrol Naish
Spellbound - Michael Chekhov
Story of G.I. Joe, The - Robert Mitchum
WinTree Grows In Brooklyn, A - James Dunn
Writing (Original Story)
Affairs of Susan, The - Laszlo Gorog, Thomas Monroe
Medal For Benny, A - John Steinbeck, Jack Wagner
Objective, Burma! - Alvah Bessie
Song To Remember, A - Ernst Marischka
WinHouse On 92nd St., The - Charles G. Booth
Writing (Original Screenplay)
Dillinger - Philip Yordan
Music For Millions - Myles Connolly
Salty O'rourke - Milton Holmes
What Next, Corporal Hargrove? - Harry Kurnitz
WinMarie-Louise - Richard Schweizer
Writing (Screenplay)
Mildred Pierce - Ranald MacDougall
Pride of the Marines - Albert Maltz
Story of G.I. Joe, The - Leopold Atlas, Guy Endore, Philip Stevenson
Tree Grows In Brooklyn, A - Frank Davis, Tess Slesinger
WinLost Weekend, The - Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder
Cinematography (Black & White)
Keys of the Kingdom, The - Arthur Miller
Lost Weekend, The - John F. Seitz
Mildred Pierce - Ernest Haller
Spellbound - George Barnes
WinPicture of Dorian Gray, The - Harry Stradling Sr.
Cinematography (Color)
Anchors Aweigh - Charles Boyle, Robert Planck
National Velvet - Leonard Smith
Song To Remember, A - Allen Davey, Tony Gaudio
Spanish Main, The - George Barnes
WinLeave Her To Heaven - Leon Shamroy
Film Editing
Bells of St. Mary's, The - Harry Marker
Lost Weekend, The - Doane Harrison
Objective, Burma! - George Amy
Song To Remember, A - Charles Nelson
WinNational Velvet - Robert J. Kern
Interior Decoration (Black & White)
Experiment Perilous - Claude Carpenter, Albert S. D'Agostino, Jack Okey, Darrell Silvera
Keys of the Kingdom, The - James Basevi, William Darling, Frank E. Hughes, Thomas Little
Love Letters - Roland Anderson, Sam Comer, Hans Dreier, Ray Moyer
Picture of Dorian Gray, The - John Bonar, Cedric Gibbons, Hugh Hunt, Hans Peters, Edwin B. Willis
WinBlood On the Sun - A. Roland Fields, Wiard Ihnen
Interior Decoration (Color)
Leave Her To Heaven - Thomas Little, Maurice Ransford, Lyle Wheeler
National Velvet - Cedric Gibbons, Mildred Griffiths, Urie McCleary, Edwin B. Willis
San Antonio - Jack McConaghy, Ted Smith
Thousand and One Nights, A - Stephen Goosson, Rudolph Sternad, Frank Tuttle
WinFrenchman's Creek - Sam Comer, Hans Dreier, Ernst Fegte
Sound Recording
Flame of Barbary Coast - Daniel J. Bloomberg
Lady On a Train - Bernard B. Brown
Leave Her To Heaven - Thomas T. Moulton
Rhapsody In Blue - Nathan Levinson
Song To Remember, A - John Livadary
Southerner, The - , Jack Whitney
They Were Expendable - Douglas Shearer
Three Caballeros, The - C. O. Slyfield
Three Is a Family - , W.V. Wolfe
Unseen, The - Loren L. Ryder
Wonder Man - Gordon Sawyer
WinBells of St. Mary's, The - Stephen Dunn
Special Effects
Captain Eddie - Sol Halprin, Roger Heman, Harry Leonard, Fred Sersen
Spellbound - Jack Cosgrove
They Were Expendable - A. Arnold Gillespie, Donald Jahraus, R.A. MacDonald, Michael Steinore
Thousand and One Nights, A - Ray Bomba, Lawrence Butler
WinWonder Man - John Fulton, Arthur Johns
Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture)
Bells of St. Mary's, The - Robert Emmett Dolan
Brewster's Millions - Louis Forbes
Captain Kidd - Werner Janssen
Enchanted Cottage, The - Roy Webb
Flame of Barbary Coast - Dale Butts, Morton Scott
G.I. Honeymoon - Edward J. Kay
Guest In the House - Werner Janssen
Guest Wife - Daniele Amfitheatrof
Keys of the Kingdom, The - Alfred Newman
Lost Weekend, The - Miklos Rozsa
Love Letters - Victor Young
Man Who Walked Alone, The - Karl Hajos
Objective, Burma! - Franz Waxman
Paris Underground - Alexander Tansman
Song To Remember, A - Miklos Rozsa, Morris Stoloff
Southerner, The - Werner Janssen
Story of G.I. Joe, The - Louis Applebaum, Ann Ronell
This Love of Ours - Hans J. Salter
Valley of Decision, The - Herbert Stothart
Woman In the Window, The - Hugo Friedhofer, Arthur Lange
WinSpellbound - Miklos Rozsa
Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture)
Belle of the Yukon - Arthur Lange
Can't Help Singing - Jerome Kern, Hans J. Salter
Hitchhike To Happiness - Morton Scott
Incendiary Blonde - Robert Emmett Dolan
Rhapsody In Blue - Ray Heindorf, Max Steiner
State Fair - Charles Henderson, Alfred Newman
Sunbonnet Sue - Edward J. Kay
Three Caballeros, The - Edward Plumb, Paul J. Smith, Charles Wolcott
Tonight and Every Night - Marlin Skiles, Morris Stoloff
Why Girls Leave Home - Walter Greene
Wonder Man - Louis Forbes, Ray Heindorf
WinAnchors Aweigh - Georgie Stoll
Music (Song)
Anchors Aweigh - Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne
Belle of the Yukon - Johnny Burke, James Van Heusen
Bells of St. Mary's, The - Johnny Burke, James Van Heusen
Can't Help Singing - E.Y. Harburg, Jerome Kern
Earl Carroll Vanities - Kim Gannon, Walter Kent
Here Come the Waves - Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer
Love Letters - Edward Heyman, Victor Young
San Antonio - Ray Heindorf, M.K. Jerome, Ted Koehler
Sing Your Way Home - Herb Magidson, Allie Wrubel
Story of G.I. Joe, The - Ann Ronell
Tonight and Every Night - Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne
Why Girls Leave Home - Ray Evans, Jay Livingston
Wonder Man - Leo Robin, David Rose
WinState Fair - Oscar Hammerstein II, Richard Rodgers
Short Subjects (One-Reel)
Along the Rainbow Trail - Edmund Reek
Screen Snapshots 25th Anniversary - Ralph Staub
Story of a Dog - Gordon Hollingshead
White Rhapsody - Grantland Rice
Your National Gallery - Thomas Mead, Joseph O'Brien
WinStairway To Light - Herbert Moulton
Short Subjects (Two-Reel)
Gun In His Hand, A - Chester Franklin
Jury Goes Round 'N' Round, The - Jules White
Little Witch, The - George Templeton
WinStar In the Night - Gordon Hollingshead
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
Donald's Crime - Walt Disney
Jasper and the Beanstalk - George Pal
Life With Feathers - Eddie Selzer
Mighty Mouse In Gypsy Life - Paul Terry
Poet and Peasant - Walter Lantz
Rippling Romance -
WinQuiet Please - Frederick Quimby
Documentary (Short Subjects)
Library of Congress -
To the Shores of Iwo Jima -
WinHitler Lives? -
Documentary (Features)
Last Bomb, The -
WinTrue Glory, The -
Studios with most noms
MGM 22
Paramount 22
RKO Radio 22
United Artists 20
Warner Bros. 20

Studios with most wins
Paramount 5
20th Century Fox 4
Warner Bros. 3
RKO Radio 2