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19th Academy Awards


8 The Best Years of Our Lives

7 The Yearling

6 The Jolson Story

5 Anna and the King of Siam

5 It's a Wonderful Life

4 The Killers

4 The Razor's Edge

4 Henry V

3 Brief Encounter

2 Duel in the Sun

2 The Green Years

2 Notorious

2 Centennial Summer

2 The Harvey Girls

2 Blue Skies

2 To Each His Own

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7 The Best Years of Our Lives

2 The Jolson Story

2 Anna and the King of Siam

2 The Yearling

Henry V - Laurence Olivier
It's a Wonderful Life - Frank Capra
Razor's Edge, The - Darryl F. Zanuck
Yearling, The - Sidney Franklin
WinBest Years of Our Lives, The - Samuel Goldwyn
Brief Encounter - David Lean
It's a Wonderful Life - Frank Capra
Killers, The - Robert Siodmak
Yearling, The - Clarence Brown
WinBest Years of Our Lives, The - William Wyler
Brief Encounter - Celia Johnson
Duel in the Sun - Jennifer Jones
Sister Kenny - Rosalind Russell
Yearling, The - Jane Wyman
WinTo Each His Own - Olivia de Havilland
Henry V - Laurence Olivier
It's a Wonderful Life - James Stewart
Jolson Story, The - Larry Parks
Yearling, The - Gregory Peck
WinBest Years of Our Lives, The - Fredric March
Supporting Actress
Anna and the King of Siam - Gale Sondergaard
Duel in the Sun - Lillian Gish
Saratoga Trunk - Flora Robson
Spiral Staircase, The - Ethel Barrymore
WinRazor's Edge, The - Anne Baxter
Supporting Actor
Green Years, The - Charles Coburn
Jolson Story, The - William Demarest
Notorious - Claude Rains
Razor's Edge, The - Clifton Webb
WinBest Years of Our Lives, The - Harold Russell
Writing (Original Story)
Dark Mirror, The - Vladimir Pozner
Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The - Jack Patrick
Stranger, The - Victor Trivas
To Each His Own - Charles Brackett
WinVacation from Marriage - Clemence Dane
Writing (Original Screenplay)
Blue Dahlia, The - Raymond Chandler
Children of Paradise - Jacques Prevert
Notorious - Ben Hecht
Road to Utopia, The - Melvin Frank, Norman Panama
WinSeventh Veil, The - Muriel Box, Sydney Box
Writing (Screenplay)
Anna and the King of Siam - Sally Benson, Talbot Jennings
Brief Encounter - Anthony Havelock-Allan, David Lean, Ronald Neame
Killers, The - Anthony Veiller
Open City - Sergio Amidei, Federico Fellini
WinBest Years of Our Lives, The - Robert E. Sherwood
Cinematography (Black & White)
Green Years, The - George J. Folsey
WinAnna and the King of Siam - Arthur Miller
Cinematography (Color)
Jolson Story, The - Joseph Walker
WinYearling, The - Arthur Arling, Charles Rosher, Leonard Smith
Film Editing
It's a Wonderful Life - William Hornbeck
Jolson Story, The - William Lyon
Killers, The - Arthur Hilton
Yearling, The - Harold Kress
WinBest Years of Our Lives, The - Daniel Mandell
Interior Decoration (Black & White)
Kitty - Sam Comer, Hans Dreier, Ray Moyer, Walter Tyler
Razor's Edge, The - Richard Day, Paul S. Fox, Nathan Juran, Thomas Little
WinAnna and the King of Siam - William Darling, Frank E. Hughes, Thomas Little, Lyle Wheeler
Interior Decoration (Color)
Caesar and Cleopatra - John Bryan
Henry V - Carmen Dillon, Paul Sheriff
WinYearling, The - Cedric Gibbons, Paul Groesse, Edwin B. Willis
Sound Recording
Best Years of Our Lives, The - Gordon Sawyer
It's a Wonderful Life - John Aalberg
WinJolson Story, The - John Livadary
Special Effects
Stolen Life, A - Nathan Levinson, William McGann
WinBlithe Spirit - Thomas Howard
Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture)
Anna and the King of Siam - Bernard Herrmann
Henry V - William Walton
Humoresque - Franz Waxman
Killers, The - Miklos Rozsa
WinBest Years of Our Lives, The - Hugo Friedhofer
Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture)
Blue Skies - Robert Emmett Dolan
Centennial Summer - Alfred Newman
Harvey Girls, The - Lennie Hayton
Night and Day - Ray Heindorf, Max Steiner
WinJolson Story, The - Morris Stoloff
Music (Song)
Blue Skies - Irving Berlin
Canyon Passage - Jack Brooks, Hoagy Carmichael
Centennial Summer - Oscar Hammerstein II, Jerome Kern
Dolly Sisters, The - Mack Gordon, James Monaco
WinHarvey Girls, The - Johnny Mercer, Harry Warren
Short Subjects (One-Reel)
Dive-hi Champs - Jack Eaton
Golden Horses - Edmund Reek
Smart as a Fox - Gordon Hollingshead
Sure Cures - Pete Smith
WinFacing Your Danger - Gordon Hollingshead
Short Subjects (Two-Reel)
College Queen - George Templeton
Hiss and Yell - Jules White
Luckiest Guy in the World, The - Jerry Bresler
WinBoy and His Dog, A - Gordon Hollingshead
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
Chopin's Musical Moments - Walter Lantz
John Henry and the Inky Poo - George Pal
Squatter's Rights - Walt Disney
Walky Talky Hawky - Edward Selzer
WinCat Concerto, The - Frederick Quimby
Documentary (Short Subjects)
Atomic Power -
Life at the Zoo -
Paramount News Issue #37 -
Traffic With the Devil -
WinSeeds of Destiny -
Studios with most noms
RKO Radio 19
MGM 16
20th Century Fox 14
Paramount 12
Warner Bros. 8

Studios with most wins
RKO Radio 7
20th Century Fox 3
Columbia 2
Warner Bros. 2