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25th Academy Awards


7 High Noon

7 Moulin Rouge

7 The Quiet Man

6 The Bad and the Beautiful

6 Hans Christian Andersen

5 With a Song in My Heart

5 Viva Zapata!

5 The Greatest Show on Earth

4 My Cousin Rachel

4 Sudden Fear

3 Come Back, Little Sheba

3 Ivanhoe

2 The Lavender Hill Mob

2 The Big Sky

2 Singin' in the Rain

2 Five Fingers

2 Breaking the Sound Barrier

2 Navajo

2 The Snows of Kilimanjaro

2 Carrie

2 The Merry Widow

2 Neighbors

2 Devil Take Us

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5 The Bad and the Beautiful

4 High Noon

2 Moulin Rouge

2 The Quiet Man

2 The Greatest Show on Earth

High Noon - Stanley Kramer
Ivanhoe - Pandro S. Berman
Moulin Rouge - John Huston
Quiet Man, The - Merian C. Cooper, John Ford
WinGreatest Show on Earth, The - Cecil B. DeMille
Five Fingers - Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Greatest Show on Earth, The - Cecil B. DeMille
High Noon - Fred Zinnemann
Moulin Rouge - John Huston
WinQuiet Man, The - John Ford
Member of the Wedding, The - Julie Harris
Star, The - Bette Davis
Sudden Fear - Joan Crawford
With a Song in My Heart - Susan Hayward
WinCome Back, Little Sheba - Shirley Booth
Bad and the Beautiful, The - Kirk Douglas
Lavender Hill Mob, The - Alec Guinness
Moulin Rouge - Josť Ferrer
Viva Zapata! - Marlon Brando
WinHigh Noon - Gary Cooper
Supporting Actress
Come Back, Little Sheba - Terry Moore
Moulin Rouge - Colette Marchand
Singin' in the Rain - Jean Hagen
With a Song in My Heart - Thelma Ritter
WinBad and the Beautiful, The - Gloria Grahame
Supporting Actor
Big Sky, The - Arthur Hunnicut
My Cousin Rachel - Richard Burton
Quiet Man, The - Victor McLaglen
Sudden Fear - Jack Palance
WinViva Zapata! - Anthony Quinn
Writing (Motion Picture Story)
My Son John - Leo McCarey
Narrow Margin, The - Martin Goldsmith, Jack Leonard
Pride of St. Louis, The - Guy Trosper
Sniper, The - Edna Anhalt, Edward Anhalt
WinGreatest Show on Earth, The - Frank Cavett, Frederic M. Frank, Theodore St. John
Writing (Screenplay)
Atomic City, The - Sydney Boehm
Breaking the Sound Barrier - Terrence Rattigan
Pat and Mike - Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin
Viva Zapata! - John Steinbeck
WinLavender Hill Mob, The - T. E. B. Clarke
Writing (Story and Screenplay)
Five Fingers - Michael Wilson
High Noon - Carl Foreman
Man in the White Suit, The - John Dighton, Roger MacDougall, Alexander Mackendrick
Quiet Man, The - Frank S. Nugent
WinBad and the Beautiful, The - Charles Schnee
Cinematography (Black & White)
Big Sky, The - Russell Harlan
My Cousin Rachel - Joseph Lashelle
Navajo - Virgil E. Miller
Sudden Fear - Charles B. Lang Jr.
WinBad and the Beautiful, The - Robert Surtees
Cinematography (Color)
Hans Christian Andersen - Harry Stradling Sr.
Ivanhoe - Freddie A. Young
Million Dollar Mermaid - George J. Folsey
Snows of Kilimanjaro, The - Leon Shamroy
WinQuiet Man, The - Winton Hoch, Archie Stout
Film Editing
Come Back, Little Sheba - Warren Low
Flat Top - William Austin
Greatest Show on Earth, The - Anne Bauchens
Moulin Rouge - Ralph Kemplen
WinHigh Noon - Harry Gerstad, Elmo Williams
Art Direction - Set Decoration (Black & White)
Carrie - Roland Anderson, Emile Kuri, Hal Pereira
My Cousin Rachel - John DeCuir, Walter M. Scott, Lyle Wheeler
Rashomon - Matsuyama H. Motsumoto
Viva Zapata! - Claude Carpenter, Leland Fuller, Thomas Little, Lyle Wheeler
WinBad and the Beautiful, The - Edward Carfagno, Cedric Gibbons, Keogh Gleason, Edwin B. Willis
Art Direction - Set Decoration (Color)
Hans Christian Andersen - Clave, Howard Bristol, Richard Day
Merry Widow, The - Cedric Gibbons, Paul Groesse, Arthur Krams, Edwin B. Willis
Quiet Man, The - Frank Hotaling, John McCarthy Jr., Charles Thompson
Snows of Kilimanjaro, The - John DeCuir, Paul S. Fox, Thomas Little, Lyle Wheeler
WinMoulin Rouge - Paul Sheriff, Marcel Vertes
Costume Design (Black & White)
Affair in Trinidad - Jean Louis
Carrie - Edith Head
My Cousin Rachel - Dorothy Jeakins, Charles LeMaire
Sudden Fear - Shiela O'Brien
WinBad and the Beautiful, The - Helen Rose
Costume Design (Color)
Greatest Show on Earth, The - Edith Head, Dorothy Jeakins, Miles White
Hans Christian Andersen - Clave, Madame Karinska, Mary Wills
Merry Widow, The - Helen Rose, Gile Steele
With a Song in My Heart - Charles LeMaire
WinMoulin Rouge - Marcel Vertes
Sound Recording
Hans Christian Andersen - , Gordon Sawyer
Promoter, The -
Quiet Man, The - , Daniel J. Bloomberg
With a Song in My Heart - , Thomas T. Moulton
WinBreaking the Sound Barrier -
Special Effects
WinPlymouth Adventure -
Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture)
Ivanhoe - Miklos Rozsa
Miracle of Our Lady Fatima, The - Max Steiner
Thief, The - Hershel Burke Gilbert
Viva Zapata! - Alex North
WinHigh Noon - Dimitri Tiomkin
Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture)
Hans Christian Andersen - Walter Scharf
Jazz Singer, The - Ray Heindorf, Max Steiner
Medium, The - Gian-Carlo Menotti
Singin' in the Rain - Lennie Hayton
WinWith a Song in My Heart - Alfred Newman
Music (Song)
Because You're Mine - Nicholas Brodszky, Sammy Cahn
Hans Christian Andersen - Frank Loesser
Just for You - Leo Robin, Harry Warren
Son of Paleface - Jack Brooks
WinHigh Noon - Dimitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington
Short Subjects (One-Reel)
Athletes of the Saddle - Jack Eaton
Desert Killer - Gordon Hollingshead
Neighbors - Norman McLaren
Royal Scotland -
WinLight in the Window - Boris Vermont
Short Subjects (Two-Reel)
Bridge of Time -
Devil Take Us - Herbert Morgan
Thar She Blows! - Gordon Hollingshead
WinWater Birds - Walt Disney
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
Little Johnny Jet - Frederick Quimby
Madeline - Stephen Bosustow
Pink and the Blue Blues - Stephen Bosustow
Romance of Transportation - Tom Daly
WinJohann Mouse - Frederick Quimby
Documentary (Short Subjects)
Devil Take Us - Herbert Morgan
Garden Spider - Alberto Ancilotto
Man Alive! - Stephen Bosustow
WinNeighbors - Norman McLaren
Documentary (Features)
Hoaxters, The - Dore Schary
Navajo - Hall Bartlett
WinSea Around Us, The - Irwin Allen
Studios with most noms
20th Century Fox 21
MGM 20
United Artists 17
RKO Radio 16
Paramount 15

Studios with most wins
United Artists 7
20th Century Fox 3
Paramount 3
Republic 2