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33rd Academy Awards


10 The Apartment

7 Pepe

7 The Alamo

7 Sons and Lovers

6 Spartacus

5 Never on Sunday

5 The Facts of Life

5 Elmer Gantry

5 The Sundowners

4 Inherit the Wind

4 Sunrise at Campobello

4 Psycho

3 Exodus

2 Cimarron

2 Can-Can

2 The Virgin Spring

2 Butterfield 8

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5 The Apartment

4 Spartacus

3 Elmer Gantry

Alamo, The - John Wayne
Elmer Gantry - Bernard Smith
Sons and Lovers - Jerry Wald
Sundowners, The - Fred Zinnemann
WinApartment, The - Billy Wilder
Never on Sunday - Jules Dassin
Psycho - Alfred Hitchcock
Sons and Lovers - Jack Cardiff
Sundowners, The - Fred Zinnemann
WinApartment, The - Billy Wilder
Apartment, The - Shirley MacLaine
Never on Sunday - Melina Mercouri
Sundowners, The - Deborah Kerr
Sunrise at Campobello - Greer Garson
WinButterfield 8 - Elizabeth Taylor
Apartment, The - Jack Lemmon
Entertainer, The - Laurence Olivier
Inherit the Wind - Spencer Tracy
Sons and Lovers - Trevor Howard
WinElmer Gantry - Burt Lancaster
Supporting Actress
Dark at the Top of the Stairs, The - Shirley Knight
Psycho - Janet Leigh
Sons and Lovers - Mary Ure
Sundowners, The - Glynis Johns
WinElmer Gantry - Shirley Jones
Supporting Actor
Alamo, The - Chill Wills
Apartment, The - Jack Kruschen
Exodus - Sal Mineo
Murder, Inc. - Peter Falk
WinSpartacus - Peter Ustinov
Writing (Story and Screenplay - Written Directly for the Screen)
Angry Silence, The - Michael Craig, Brian Forbes, Richard Gregson
Facts of Life, The - Melvin Frank, Norman Panama
Hiroshima, Mon Amour - Marguérite Duras
Never on Sunday - Jules Dassin
WinApartment, The - I. A. L. Diamond, Billy Wilder
Writing (Screenplay - Based on Material from Another Medium)
Inherit the Wind - Nathan E. Douglas, Harold Jacob Smith
Sons and Lovers - T. E. B. Clarke, Gavin Lambert
Sundowners, The - Isobel Lannart
Tunes of Glory - James Kennaway
WinElmer Gantry - Richard Brooks
Cinematography (Black & White)
Apartment, The - Joseph Lashelle
Facts of Life, The - Charles B. Lang Jr.
Inherit the Wind - Ernest Laszlo
Psycho - John L. Russell
WinSons and Lovers - Freddie Francis
Cinematography (Color)
Alamo, The - William Clothier
Butterfield 8 - Charles Harten, Joseph Ruttenberg
Exodus - Sam Leavitt
Pepe - Joe MacDonald
WinSpartacus - Russell Metty
Film Editing
Alamo, The - Stuart Gilmore
Inherit the Wind - Frederic Knudtson
Pepe - Al Clark, Viola Lawrence
Spartacus - Robert Lawrence
WinApartment, The - Daniel Mandell
Art Direction - Set Decoration (Black & White)
Facts of Life, The - Ross J. Dowd, Joseph McMillan Johnson, Kenneth A. Reid
Psycho - Robert Clatworthy, Joseph Hurley, George Milo
Sons and Lovers - Lionel Couch, Tom Morahan
Visit to a Small Planet - Sam Comer, Arthur Krams, Hal Pereira, Walter Tyler
WinApartment, The - Edward G. Boyle, Alexander Trauner
Art Direction - Set Decoration (Color)
Cimarron - George Davis, Henry Grace, Addison Hehr, Hugh Hunt, Otto Siegel
It Started in Naples - Roland Anderson, Arrigo Breschi, Sam Comer, Hal Pereira
Pepe - Ted Haworth, William R. Kiernan
Sunrise at Campobello - Edward Carrere, George James Hopkins
WinSpartacus - Russell A. Gausman, Alexander Golitzen, Julia Heron, Eric Orbom
Costume Design (Black & White)
Never on Sunday - Denny Vachlioti
Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond, The - Howard Shoup
Seven Thieves - Bill Thomas
Virgin Spring, The - Marik Vos
WinFacts of Life, The - Edith Head, Edward Stevenson
Costume Design (Color)
Can-Can - Irene Sharaff
Midnight Lace - Irene
Pepe - Edith Head
Sunrise at Campobello - Marjorie Best
WinSpartacus - Valles, Bill Thomas
Apartment, The - , George Sawley
Cimarron - , Franklin E. Milton
Pepe - , Charles Rice
Sunrise at Campobello - , George Groves
WinAlamo, The - , Fred Hynes, Gordon Sawyer
Special Effects
Last Voyage, The - A. J. Lohman
WinTime Machine, The - Tim Baar, Gene Warren
Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture)
Alamo, The - Dimitri Tiomkin
Elmer Gantry - André Previn
Magnificent Seven, The - Elmer Bernstein
Spartacus - Alex North
WinExodus - Ernest Gold
Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture)
Bells Are Ringing - André Previn
Can-Can - Nelson Riddle
Let's Make Love - Earl H. Hagen, Lionel Newman
Pepe - Johnny Green
WinSong Without End - Morris Stoloff, Harry Sukman
Music (Song)
Alamo, The - Dimitri Tiomkin, Paul Francis Webster
Facts of Life, The - Johnny Mercer
High Time - Sammy Cahn, James Van Heusen
Pepe - Dory Langdon, André Previn
WinNever on Sunday - Manos Hadjidakis
Foreign Language Film
Kapo -
La Verité -
Macario -
Ninth Circle, The -
WinVirgin Spring, The -
Short Subjects (Live Action Subjects)
Creation of Woman, The - Ismail Merchant, Charles Schwep
Islands of the Sea - Walt Disney
Sport is Born, A - Leslie Winik
WinDay of the Painter - Ezra R. Baker
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
Goliath II - Walt Disney
High Note -
Mouse and Garden -
Place in the Sun, A - Frantisek Vystrecil
WinMunro - William Snyder
Documentary (Short Subjects)
Beyond Silence -
City Called Copenhagen, A -
George Grosz' Interregnum - Altina Carey, Charles Carey
Universe - Colin Low
WinGiuseppina - James Hill
Documentary (Features)
Rebel in Paradise - Robert D. Fraser
WinHorse with the Flying Tail, The - Larry Lansburgh
Studios with most noms
United Artists 35
20th Century Fox 13
Warner Bros. 13
Columbia 8

Studios with most wins
United Artists 11
Universal - International 4
20th Century Fox 1
Buena Vista 1