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43rd Academy Awards


10 Airport

10 Patton

7 Love Story

5 Tora! Tora! Tora!

5 M*A*S*H

4 Women in Love

4 Ryan's Daughter

4 Scrooge

4 Five Easy Pieces

3 Lovers and Other Strangers

3 I Never Sang for My Father

3 Woodstock

3 Darling Lili

2 Cromwell

2 The Great White Hope

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7 Patton

2 Ryan's Daughter

Airport - Ross Hunter
Five Easy Pieces - Bob Rafelson, David Wechsler
Love Story - Howard G. Minsky
M*A*S*H - Ingo Preminger
WinPatton - Frank McCarthy
Fellini Styricon - Federico Fellini
Love Story - Arthur Hiller
M*A*S*H - Robert Altman
Women in Love - Ken Russell
WinPatton - Franklin J. Schaffner
Diary of a Mad Housewife - Carrie Snodgress
Great White Hope, The - Jane Alexander
Love Story - Ali MacGraw
Ryan's Daughter - Sarah Miles
WinWomen in Love - Glenda Jackson
Five Easy Pieces - Jack Nicholson
Great White Hope, The - James Earl Jones
I Never Sang for My Father - Melvyn Douglas
Love Story - Ryan O'Neal
WinPatton - George C. Scott
Supporting Actress
Airport - Maureen Stapleton
Five Easy Pieces - Karen Black
Landlord, The - Lee Grant
M*A*S*H - Sally Kellerman
WinAirport - Helen Hayes
Supporting Actor
I Never Sang for My Father - Gene Hackman
Little Big Man - Dan George
Love Story - John Marley
Lovers and Other Strangers - Richard Castellano
WinRyan's Daughter - John Mills
Writing (Story and Screenplay - Based on Factual Material or Material not Previously Published or Produced)
Five Easy Pieces - Adrien Joyce, Bob Rafelson
Joe - Norman Wexler
Love Story - Erich Segal
My Night at Maud's - Eric Rohmer
WinPatton - Francis Ford Coppola, Edmund H. North
Writing (Screenplay - Based on Material from Another Medium)
Airport - George Seaton
I Never Sang for My Father - Robert Anderson
Lovers and Other Strangers - Joseph Bologna, David Zelag Goodman, Renee Taylor
Women in Love - Larry Kramer
WinM*A*S*H - Ring Lardner Jr.
Airport - Ernest Laszlo
Patton - Fred Koenekamp
Tora! Tora! Tora! - Osami Furuya, Sinsaku Himeda, Masamichi Satoh, Charles F. Wheeler
Women in Love - Billy Williams
WinRyan's Daughter - Freddie A. Young
Film Editing
Airport - Stuart Gilmore
M*A*S*H - Danford B. Greene
Tora! Tora! Tora! - Inoue Chikaya, Pembroke J. Herring, James E. Newcom
Woodstock - Thelma Schoonmaker
WinPatton - Hugh S. Fowler
Art Direction - Set Decoration
Airport - Preston Ames, Alexander Golitzen, Micky S. Michaels, Jack D. Moore
Molly Maguires, The - Tambi Larsen, Darrell Silvera
Scrooge - Robert Cartwright, Pamela Cornell, Terry Marsh
Tora! Tora! Tora! - Carl Biddiscombe, Richard Day, Taizoh Kawashima, Yoshiro Muraki, Norman Rockett, Walter M. Scott, Jack Martin Smith
WinPatton - Antonio Mateos, Urie McCleary, Gil Parrondo, Pierre-Louis Thevenet
Costume Design
Airport - Edith Head
Darling Lili - Jack Bear, Donald Brooks
Hawaiians, The - Bill Thomas
Scrooge - Margaret Furse
WinCromwell - Vittorio Nino Novarese
Airport - David Moriarty, Ronald Pierce
Ryan's Daughter - John Bramall, Gordon K. McCallum
Tora! Tora! Tora! - Herman Lewis, Murray Spivack
Woodstock - Larry Johnson, Dan Wallin
WinPatton - Don Bassman, Douglas Williams
Special Visual Effects
Patton - Alex Weldon
WinTora! Tora! Tora! - L. B. Abbott, A. D. Flowers
Music (Original Score)
Airport - Alfred Newman
Cromwell - Frank Cordell
Patton - Jerry Goldsmith
Sunflower - Henry Mancini
WinLove Story - Francis Lai
Music (Original Song Score)
Baby Maker, The - Fred Karlin, Tylwyth Kymry
Boy Named Charlie Brown, A - Vince Guaraldi, Rod McKuen, Bill Melendez, Al Shean, John Scott Trotter
Darling Lili - Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer
Scrooge - Leslie Bricusse, Ian Fraser, Herbert W. Spencer
WinLet It Be -
Music (Song)
Darling Lili - Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer
Madron - Arthur Hamilton, Riz Ortolani
Pieces of Dreams - Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Michel Legrand
Scrooge - Leslie Bricusse
WinLovers and Other Strangers - James Griffin, Fred Karlin, Robb Royer
Foreign Language Film
First Love -
Hoa-Binh -
Paix Sur Les Champs -
Tristana -
WinInvestigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion -
Short Subjects (Live Action Subjects)
Shut Up. . . I'm Crying - Robert Siegler
Sticky My Fingers. . . Fleet My Feet - John Hancock
WinResurrection of Broncho Billy, The - John Longenecker
Short Subjects (Cartoons)
Further Adventures of Uncle Sam: Part Two, The - Dale Case, Robert Mitchell
Shepherd, The - Cameron Guess
WinIs It Always Right to Be Right? - Nick Bosustow
Documentary (Short Subjects)
Gifts, The - Robert McBride
Long Way from Nowhere - Bob Aller
Oisin - Patrick Carey, Vivien Carey
Time is Running Out - Horst Dallmayr, Robert Menegoz
WinInterviews with My Lai Veterans - Joseph Strick
Documentary (Features)
Chariots of the Gods - Harald Reini
Jack Johnson, The Big Fights - Jim Jacobs
King: A Filmed Record. . . Montgomery to Memphis - Ely Landau
Say Goodbye - David H. Vowell
WinWoodstock - Bob Maurice
Studios with most noms
20th Century Fox 22
Universal 12
Paramount 11
Columbia 9
United Artists 9

Studios with most wins
20th Century Fox 9
United Artists 2
Universal 2
Cinerama Prods. Corp. 1