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49th Academy Awards


10 Network

10 Rocky

8 All the President's Men

6 Bound for Glory

4 Seven Beauties

4 A Star is Born

4 Taxi Driver

3 Cousin, Cousine

3 Voyage of the Damned

2 Fellini's Casanova

2 The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

2 King Kong

2 Logan's Run

2 The Incredible Sarah

2 The Omen

2 Carrie

2 Face to Face

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4 All the President's Men

4 Network

3 Rocky

2 Bound for Glory

All the President's Men - Walter Coblenz
Bound for Glory - Robert F. Blumofe, Harold Leventhal
Network - Howard Gottfried
Taxi Driver - Julia Phillips, Michael Phillips
WinRocky - Robert Chartoff, Irwin Winkler
All the President's Men - Alan J. Pakula
Face to Face - Ingmar Bergman
Network - Sidney Lumet
Seven Beauties - Lina Wertmuller
WinRocky - John G. Avildsen
Carrie - Sissy Spacek
Cousin, Cousine - Marie-Christine Barrault
Face to Face - Liv Ullmann
Rocky - Talia Shire
WinNetwork - Faye Dunaway
Network - William Holden
Rocky - Sylvester Stallone
Seven Beauties - Giancarlo Giannini
Taxi Driver - Robert De Niro
WinNetwork - Peter Finch
Supporting Actress
All the President's Men - Jane Alexander
Carrie - Piper Laurie
Taxi Driver - Jodie Foster
Voyage of the Damned - Lee Grant
WinNetwork - Beatrice Straight
Supporting Actor
Marathon Man - Laurence Olivier
Network - Ned Beatty
Rocky - Burgess Meredith
Rocky - Burt Young
WinAll the President's Men - Jason Robards
Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)
Cousin, Cousine - Jean-Charles Tacchella, Daniele Thompson
Front, The - Walter Bernstein
Rocky - Sylvester Stallone
Seven Beauties - Lina Wertmuller
WinNetwork - Paddy Chayefsky
Writing (Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium)
Bound for Glory - Robert Getchell
Fellini's Casanova - Federico Fellini, Bernadino Zapponi
Seven-Per-Cent Solution, The - Nicholas Meyer
Voyage of the Damned - David Butler, Steve Shagan
WinAll the President's Men - William Goldman
King Kong - Richard H. Kline
Logan's Run - Ernest Laszlo
Network - Owen Roizman
Star is Born, A - Robert Surtees
WinBound for Glory - Haskell Wexler
Film Editing
All the President's Men - Robert L. Wolfe
Bound for Glory - Pembroke J. Herring, Robert C. Jones
Network - Alan Heim
Two-Minute Warning - Walter Hannemann, Eve Newman
WinRocky - Scott Conrad, Richard Halsey
Art Direction - Set Decoration
Incredible Sarah, The - Peter Howitt, Norman Reynolds, Elliot Scott
Last Tycoon, The - Gene Callahan, Jack Collis, Jerry Wunderlich
Logan's Run - Robert de Vestel, Dale Hennesy
Shootist, The - Robert Boyle, Arthur Jeph Parker
WinAll the President's Men - George Gaines, George Jenkins
Costume Design
Bound for Glory - William Theiss
Incredible Sarah, The - Anthony Mendleson
Passover Plot, The - Mary Wills
Seven-Per-Cent Solution, The - Alan Barrett
WinFellini's Casanova - Danilo Donati
King Kong - William McCaughey, Aaron Rochin, Jack Solomon, Harry W. Tetrick
Rocky - Bud Alper, Lyle Burbridge, William McCaughey, Harry W. Tetrick
Silver Streak - Hal Etherington, Donald O. Mitchell, Richard Tyler, Douglas Williams
Star is Born, A - Robert Glass, Robert Knudson, Tom Overton, Dan Wallin
WinAll the President's Men - Dick Alexander, Les Fresholtz, Arthur Piantadosi, James R. Webb
Music (Original Score)
Obsession - Bernard Herrmann
Outlaw Josey Wales, The - Jerry Fielding
Taxi Driver - Bernard Herrmann
Voyage of the Damned - Lalo Schifrin
WinOmen, The - Jerry Goldsmith
Music (Original Song Score and its Adaptation or Adaptation Score)
Bugsy Malone - Paul Williams
Star is Born, A - Roger Kellaway
WinBound for Glory - Leonard Rosenman
Music (Original Song)
Half a House - Sammy Fain, Paul Francis Webster
Omen, The - Jerry Goldsmith
Pink Panther Strikes Again, The - Don Black, Henry Mancini
Rocky - Carol Connors, Bill Conti, Ayn Robbins
WinStar is Born, A - Barbra Streisand, Paul Williams
Foreign Language Film
Cousin, Cousine -
Jacob, the Liar -
Nights and Days -
Seven Beauties -
WinBlack and White in Color -
Short Films (Live Action)
Kudzu - Marjorie Anne Short
Morning Spider, The - Claude Chagrin, Julian Chagrin
Nightlife - Robin Lehman, Claire Wilbur
Number One - Dyan Cannon, Vince Cannon
WinIn the Region of Ice - Andre Guttfreund, Peter Werner
Short Films (Animated)
Dedalo - Manfredo Manfredi
Street, The - Guy Glover, Caroline Leaf
WinLeisure - Suzanne Baker
Documentary (Short Subjects)
American Shoeshine - Sparky Greene
Blackwood - Tony Ianzelo, Andy Thompson
End of the Road, The - John Armstrong
Universe - Lester Novros
WinNumber Our Days - Lynne Littman
Documentary (Features)
Hollywood on Trial - James Gutman, David Helpern Jr.
Off the Edge - Michael Firth
People of the Wind - Anthony Howarth, David Koff
Volcano: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry - Donald Brittain, Robert Duncan
WinHarlan County, U. S. A. - Barbara Kopple
Studios with most noms
United Artists 29
Warner Bros. 13
MGM 12
Paramount 8
Columbia 6

Studios with most wins
United Artists 9
Warner Bros. 5
20th Century Fox 1
American Film Institute 1