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51st Academy Awards


9 The Deer Hunter

9 Heaven Can Wait

8 Coming Home

6 Midnight Express

5 Interiors

4 Days of Heaven

4 The Wiz

4 Same Time, Next Year

3 The Buddy Holly Story

3 The Boys from Brazil

3 Superman

3 California Suite

3 An Unmarried Woman

2 Autumn Sonata

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5 The Deer Hunter

3 Coming Home

2 Midnight Express

Coming Home - Jerome Hellman
Heaven Can Wait - Warren Beatty
Midnight Express - Alan Marshall, David Puttnam
Unmarried Woman, An - Paul Mazursky, Tony Ray
WinDeer Hunter, The - Michael Cimino, Michael Deeley, John Peverall, Barry Spikings
Coming Home - Hal Ashby
Heaven Can Wait - Warren Beatty, Buck Henry
Interiors - Woody Allen
Midnight Express - Alan Parker
WinDeer Hunter, The - Michael Cimino
Autumn Sonata - Ingrid Bergman
Interiors - Geraldine Page
Same Time, Next Year - Ellen Burstyn
Unmarried Woman, An - Jill Clayburgh
WinComing Home - Jane Fonda
Boys from Brazil, The - Laurence Olivier
Buddy Holly Story, The - Gary Busey
Deer Hunter, The - Robert De Niro
Heaven Can Wait - Warren Beatty
WinComing Home - Jon Voight
Supporting Actress
Coming Home - Penelope Milford
Deer Hunter, The - Meryl Streep
Heaven Can Wait - Dyan Cannon
Interiors - Maureen Stapleton
WinCalifornia Suite - Maggie Smith
Supporting Actor
Comes a Horseman - Richard Farnsworth
Coming Home - Bruce Dern
Heaven Can Wait - Jack Warden
Midnight Express - John Hurt
WinDeer Hunter, The - Christopher Walken
Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)
Autumn Sonata - Ingmar Bergman
Deer Hunter, The - Michael Cimino, Louis Garfinkle, Quinn K. Redeker, Deric Washburn
Interiors - Woody Allen
Unmarried Woman, An - Paul Mazursky
WinComing Home - Robert C. Jones, Waldo Salt
Writing (Screenplay - Based on Material from Another Medium)
Bloodbrothers - Walter Newman
California Suite - Neil Simon
Heaven Can Wait - Warren Beatty, Elaine May
Same Time, Next Year - Bernard Slade
WinMidnight Express - Oliver Stone
Deer Hunter, The - Vilmos Zsigmond
Heaven Can Wait - William A. Fraker
Same Time, Next Year - Robert Surtees
Wiz, The - Oswald Morris
WinDays of Heaven - Nestor Almendros
Film Editing
Boys from Brazil, The - Robert Swink
Coming Home - Don Zimmerman
Midnight Express - Gerry Hambling
Superman - Stuart Baird
WinDeer Hunter, The - Peter Zinner
Art Direction - Set Decoration
Brink's Job, The - Angelo Graham, George R. Nelson, Dean Tavoularis
California Suite - Albert Brenner, Marvin March
Interiors - Mel Bourne, Daniel Robert
Wiz, The - Robert Drumheller, Philip Rosenberg, Edward Stewart, Tony Walton
WinHeaven Can Wait - George Gaines, Edwin O'Donovan, Paul Sylbert
Costume Design
Caravans - Renie Conley
Days of Heaven - Patricia Norris
Swarm, The - Paul Zastupnevich
Wiz, The - Tony Walton
WinDeath on the Nile - Anthony Powell
Buddy Holly Story, The - Willie Burton, Joel Fein, Tex Rudloff, Curly Thirwell
Days of Heaven - Robert Glass, John T. Reitz, Barry Thomas, John "Doc" Wilkinson
Hooper - Robert Glass, Robert Knudson, Don MacDougall, Jack Solomon
Superman - Roy Charman, Graham Hartstone, Nicholas Le Messurier, Gordon K. McCallum
WinDeer Hunter, The - Darrin Knight, William McCaughey, Richard Portman, Aaron Rochin
Music (Original Score)
Boys from Brazil, The - Jerry Goldsmith
Days of Heaven - Ennio Morricone
Heaven Can Wait - Dave Grusin
Superman - John Williams
WinMidnight Express - Giorgio Moroder
Music (Original Song Score and its Adaptation or Adaptation Score)
Pretty Baby - Jerry Wexler
Wiz, The - Quincy Jones
WinBuddy Holly Story, The - Joe Renzetti
Music (Original Song)
Foul Play - Charles Fox, Norman Gimbel
Grease - John Farrar
Magic of Lassie, The - Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Same Time, Next Year - Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Marvin Hamlisch
WinThank God It's Friday - Paul Jabara
Foreign Language Film
Glass Cell -
Hungarians -
Viva Italia! -
White Bim Black Ear -
WinGet Out Your Handkerchiefs -
Short Films (Live Action)
Different Approach, A - Jim Belcher, Fern Field
Mandy's Grandmother - Andrew Sugerman
Strange Fruit - Seth Pinsker
WinTeenage Father - Taylor Hackford
Short Films (Animated)
Oh My Darling - Nico Crama
Rip Van Winkle - Will Vinton
WinSpecial Delivery - Eunice Macaulay, John Weldon
Documentary (Short Subjects)
Divided Trail, The - Jerry Aronson
Encounter with Faces, An - K. Kapil
Goodnight Miss Ann - August Cinquegrana
Squires of San Quentin - J. Gary Mitchell
WinFlight of the Gossamer Condor - Jacqueline Phillips Shedd
Documentary (Features)
Lovers' Wind, The - Albert Lamorisse
Mysterious Castles of Clay - Alan Root
Raoni - Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, Michel Gast, Barry Williams
With Babies and Banners: Story of the Women's Emergency Brigade - Anne Bohlen, Lyn Goldfarb, Lorraine Gray
WinScared Straight! - Arnold Shapiro
Studios with most noms
Universal 19
Paramount 17
United Artists 14
Columbia 13
20th Century Fox 6

Studios with most wins
Columbia 5
Universal 5
Paramount 3
United Artists 3
C. A. P. A. C. Productions 1