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61st Academy Awards


8 Rain Man

7 Dangerous Liaisons

7 Mississippi Burning

6 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

6 Working Girl

5 Gorillas In the Mist

4 Die Hard

4 The Accidental Tourist

3 Tucker: The Man and His Dream

3 A Fish Called Wanda

2 Big

2 Coming To America

2 Little Dorrit

2 Pelle the Conqueror

2 Willow

2 Unbearable Lightness of Being,...

2 Running On Empty

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4 Rain Man

3 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

3 Dangerous Liaisons

Accidental Tourist, The - Michael Grillo, Lawrence Kasdan, Charles Okun
Dangerous Liaisons - Norma Heyman, Hank Moonjean
Mississippi Burning - Robert F. Colesberry, Frederick Zollo
Working Girl - Douglas Wick
WinRain Man - Mark Johnson
Fish Called Wanda, A - Charles Crichton
Last Temptation of Christ, The - Martin Scorsese
Mississippi Burning - Alan Parker
Working Girl - Mike Nichols
WinRain Man - Barry Levinson
Cry In the Dark, A - Meryl Streep
Dangerous Liaisons - Glenn Close
Gorillas In the Mist - Sigourney Weaver
Working Girl - Melanie Griffith
WinAccused, The - Jodie Foster
Big - Tom Hanks
Mississippi Burning - Gene Hackman
Pelle the Conqueror - Max von Sydow
Stand and Deliver - Edward James Olmos
WinRain Man - Dustin Hoffman
Supporting Actress
Dangerous Liaisons - Michelle Pfeiffer
Mississippi Burning - Frances McDormand
Working Girl - Joan Cusack
Working Girl - Sigourney Weaver
WinAccidental Tourist, The - Geena Davis
Supporting Actor
Little Dorrit - Alec Guinness
Married To the Mob - Dean Stockwell
Running On Empty - River Phoenix
Tucker: The Man and His Dream - Martin Landau
WinFish Called Wanda, A - Kevin Kline
Writing (Screenplay - Written Directly for the Screen)
Big - Gary Ross, Anne Spielberg
Bull Durham - Ron Shelton
Fish Called Wanda, A - John Cleese, Charles Crichton
Running On Empty - Naomi Foner
WinRain Man - Ronald Bass, Barry Morrow
Writing (Screenplay - Based on Material from Another Medium)
Accidental Tourist, The - Frank Galati, Lawrence Kasdan
Gorillas In the Mist - Tab Murphy, Anna Hamilton Phelan
Little Dorrit - Christine Edzard
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The - Jean-Claude Carrière, Philip Kaufman
WinDangerous Liaisons - Christopher Hampton
Rain Man - John Seale
Tequila Sunrise - Conrad Hall
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The - Sven Nykvist
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Dean Cundey
WinMississippi Burning - Peter Biziou
Film Editing
Die Hard - John F. Link II, Frank J. Urioste
Gorillas In the Mist - Stuart Baird
Mississippi Burning - Gerry Hambling
Rain Man - Stewart Linder
WinWho Framed Roger Rabbit? - Arthur Schmidt
Art Direction - Set Decoration
Beaches - Albert Brenner, Garrett Lewis
Rain Man - Linda Descenna, Ida Random
Tucker: The Man and His Dream - Armin Ganz, Dean Tavoularis
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Peter Howitt, Elliot Scott
WinDangerous Liaisons - Stuart Craig, Gerard James
Costume Design
Coming To America - Deborah Nadoolman
Handful of Dust, A - Jane Robinson
Sunset - Patricia Norris
Tucker: The Man and His Dream - Milena Canonero
WinDangerous Liaisons - James Acheson
Die Hard - Don Bassman, Kevin F. Cleary, Al Overton, Richard Overton
Gorillas In the Mist - Peter Handford, Andy Nelson, Brian Saunders
Mississippi Burning - Rick Kline, Robert Litt, Danny Michael, Elliot Tyson
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - John Boyd, Tony Dawe, Don Digirolamo, Robert Knudson
WinBird - Dick Alexander, Willie Burton, Les Fresholtz, Vern Poore
Sound Effects Editing
Die Hard - Stephen Hunter Flick, Richard Shorr
Willow - Ben Burtt, Richard Hymns
WinWho Framed Roger Rabbit? - Charles L. Campbell, Louis L. Edemann
Visual Effects
Die Hard - Brent Boates, Al DiSarro, Richard Edlund, Thaine Morris
Willow - Chris Evans, Michael McAlister, Dennis Muren, Phil Tippett
WinWho Framed Roger Rabbit? - George Gibbs, Edward Jones, Ken Ralston, Richard Williams
Coming To America - Rick Baker
Scrooged - Tom Burman, Bari Dreiband-Burman
WinBeetlejuice - Steve LaPorte, Ve Neill, Robert Short
Music (Original Score)
Accidental Tourist, The - John Williams
Dangerous Liaisons - George Fenton
Gorillas In the Mist - Maurice Jarre
Rain Man - Hans Zimmer
WinMilagro Beanfield War, The - Dave Grusin
Music (Song)
Bagdad Cafe - Bob Telson
Buster - Phil Collins, Lamont Dozier
WinWorking Girl - Carly Simon
Foreign Language Film
Hanussen -
Music Teacher, The -
Salaam Bombay! -
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown -
WinPelle the Conqueror -
Short Films (Live Action)
Cadillac Dreams - Abbee Goldstein, Matia Karrell
Gullah Tales - George deGolian, Gary Moss
WinAppointments of Dennis Jennings, The - Dean Parisot, Steven Wright
Short Films (Animated)
Cat Came Back, The - Cordell Barker
Technological Threat - Bill Kroyer
WinTin Toy - John Lasseter, William Reeves
Documentary (Short Subjects)
Children's Storefront, The - Karen Goodman
Family Gathering - Ann Tegnell, Lise Yasui
Gang Cops - Thomas B. Fleming, Daniel J. Marks
Portrait of Imogen - Nancy Hale, Meg Partridge
WinYou Don't Have To Die - Malcolm Clarke, William Guttentag
Documentary (Features)
Cry of Reason - Beyers Maude: An Afrikaner Speaks Out, The - Robert Bilheimer, Ronald Mix
Let's Get Lost - Nan Bush, Bruce Weber
Promises To Keep - Ginny Durrin
Who Killed Vincent Chin? - Christine Choy, Renee Tajima
WinHotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie - Marcel Ophüls
Studios with most noms
Warner Bros. 23
20th Century Fox 12
Orion 11
United Artists 8
Buena Vista 7

Studios with most wins
Warner Bros. 6
United Artists 4
Buena Vista 3
20th Century Fox 1
Filmworks 1